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Torsion springs are also called overhead springs and they control the garage door mechanism tension. If you have mechanical abilities you can fairly easily adjust torsion springs in preparation for installing a garage door opener or to simply reduce tension and make the garage door much easier to open. It is all a matter of knowing what to do and being able to work with torsion springs yourself can save you a considerable amount of money. However be very careful as torsion springs are under lots of pressure and the can break or snap back and you can get injured. If you are not at all sure about how to work with springs check with a local Garage Door Repair service.

Now if you need to adjust your torsion springs. First close the garage door completely and then attach a C-clamp to the garage door movement track just below the lowest wheel in order to hold the door in place. Next stick a steel rod into one of the holes around the perimeter of the adjustment collar so that it holds its position. Then hold the rod while you simultaneously loosen the set screw in the adjustment collar. This is the screw that holds the torsion spring in place and keeps it tense. Be very careful when you are doing this so the spring doesn't cause you any injury.

Next you'll turn the rod to move the adjustment collar and then turn it in the direction towards the cable to be able to tighten the spring tension or in the opposite direction in order to decrease the tension. Make sure you tighten in small increments at a time. Once you have tightened or loosened the spring to your satisfaction then tighten the set screw to secure the spring and then remove the rod. Most new homes have automatic garage doors however it doesn't matter if the doors open mechanically or manually they still need springs to do the job. Springs can be adjusted so keep this in mind before you rush out to buy new ones to replace the old ones.

Everyone discovers that garage door springs come in many different sizes and to pick the right one depends on the garage door height and weight. Information about springs can be found in the automatic garage door manual which came when you purchased it. Garage door springs get installed either above the frame of the door or on the rear end of the door track. They all serve the same purpose to help you open and close the garage door and prevent it from getting damaged. If spring needs adjusting or becomes broken you have a choice of finding out how to fix the problem yourself or seeking professionals Garage Door Repair broken spring the damage for you.