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There are many properties for sale in your area. Some of them are new construction others are older. If you are purchasing a new home you probably will have no need for a garage door installation but if you are purchasing an older home you may have need of the service.

The installation of the new rock store requires many steps. If you are attempting to install yourself you can follow a few simple steps to ensure the process is as smooth and safe as possible. The first thing you will want to do is gather all of the tools you will need for the job. Some examples of things you might need are a hammer, nails, power screwdriver, brackets and a ladder. Of course, you will also need the garage door parts supplied to you by your chosen manufacturer.

The next thing you will want to do is prepare the first panel of the new garage door for installation. You can prepare this piece by attaching weather stripping and then placing the panel in the doorway. You can apply clamps her nails to hold this place while you move onto the next step.

The next step is to assemble the tracks. The proper assembly and positioning of the tracks is essential to the proper working order for new door installation. Make sure you follow all of the manufacturer's instructions.

The next step involves installing a set of rollers onto the second panel of the garage door. You will need assistance with this task. You will need someone to not only help you lift the panel which can be heavy and cumbersome but you will need someone to hold the panel in place while you move onto the next step. You will then connect the first panel hinges to the second panel using a power drill. You will repeat these steps until all of the panels have been properly installed. You will need to ensure that the garage door is level or it will not function properly.

After that you will need to install any additional framing and brackets making sure to keep the tracks aligned to ensure proper function. Installing different parts of the track may require you to cut the track to the appropriate length.

The last step involves installing the proper torque tube, but this step is not necessary if you will be using a garage door opener. If you will be using a garage door opener you may or may not need to install a torque tube. Its function is to assist the user in opening the garage door manually.

This is just a basic outline for installing the garage door. It does not include all required steps and should only be attempted if you are experienced with garage door installation.