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Garage Door New Motor Installation Services

Your garage door gets more of a workout than most people. Every day it opens and closes the garage door many times during the day. A garage door which is motorized is very handy. You don't have to get out of your car especially in very bad weather to open the garage door and drive your car into the garage. Your routine can get totally disrupted if suddenly breaks down. There are three kinds of motors: chain drive, screw driver and belt drive. You can consult your automatic manual to see what kind of motor you have. If you are not sure that how to proceed with so go and get help from our expert for garage Door new motor installation service.

The most expensive of these is the belt drive. Belt drive motors provide a smooth operation which is not noisy. The most popular of them is the chain drive because it is also very affordable. However it can make some noise. Finally the screw driver is by far the cheapest but it can move slowly and rather inefficiently however it too has a minimal noise level. The kind of motor you choose all depends on how much money you can spend. It can also depend on the kind you have and the material it is made out of. Wooden garage doors are often heavier than those made of other materials and these need sturdy motors which can handle the stress and weight of the door. Always consult with a specialist, like our experts, garage Door new motor installation service to be sure you are getting the right motor.

Not only is the installation of a proper motor important but also regular maintenance. Some of the most typical problems with motors include problems with gears, loose parts and other kind of damage which is visible. If you're motor has loose parts it can affect not only the motor but also the track and movement of the garage door itself. The friction and rubbing that a loose bolt can cause can further impair the motor and if a gear is at fault you'll hear a king of grinding or whining noise when the door is being raised or lowered.

As soon as damage to the motor becomes apparent it is important to get it repaired right away before any irreversible damage can occur. Often it is a lot cheaper to repair the motor instead of replacing it. Take a careful look at motor to be sure that there are no cracks, signs of burns or frayed wiring. These kinds of damage can occur if there is a power surge or perhaps a hit from lightening or perhaps the wiring got chewed on by rodents. So make sure that the motor only needs some repair and that there is no reason to replace it. You'll save money this way and with regular maintenance you'll have a motor you can rely on.